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What is RABCK.com?
RABCK.com is a website related to BookCrossing.com. Inspired by what was happening there, I started working on this site. RABCK.com acts as a global address book for someone who wants to send a RABCK. Obviously, if you want to receive a RABCK, that will mean you'll have to put your address into the database for people to find you.

What happens with my address?
Your address is stored in the RABCK database. When someone wants to send out a RABCK to someone they don't know (or maybe someone they do know, but don't know the address of) that person can log into RABCK.com and look up the address. Aside from that, RABCK.com will not do anything else with your address. We also try to prevent any non-bookcrossing.com members to get into this system, but obviously, that security is by far not waterproof because anyone can pose as someone else.

I want to send a RABCK, what to do?
Log in to RABCK.com, or if you don't have an account yet, register to get your account. It's not a whole lot of work, and will also ensure your address is available for others to send a RABCK to.

Who is responsible for RABCK.com?
This site is being developed and maintained by an enthousiastic bookcrosser by the name of Stefan Koopmanschap (skoopmanschap @ bookcrossing.com).


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